I don’t think there is a set meal prep recipe out there for everyone. I don’t know about you, but I love to try new recipes every once in a while, and try to give something new to my family. When it comes to this particular diet, I’ve tried just about everything imaginable.

Sometimes I’ll just throw something together from the fridge, or I’ll grab something at the store when we go out on the weekends, but if you’re looking for one common set meal prep recipe that works for everyone, here it is: vegetable and pasta. Sure, you can also eat ice cream in the middle of the week if you want, but you’ll end up doing that more often than you would if you were eating vegetables and pasta.

These two ingredients are the most cost effective keto meal prep recipes out there. Pasta can be made in advance and frozen for later use. Veggies can be frozen, then thawed in the fridge for use right away.

In my opinion, the cheapest way to make everything is to make a batch of frozen lasagna, and put everything in individual freezer bags. Then, all you have to do is pop them in the freezer and forget about them.

Before you get started though, there’s worth knowing that going this route is much easier to get everything ready with than it would be if you made everything from scratch. Also, since all the ingredients you need are already frozen, it’s much less expensive.

There’s another thing worth knowing, too. With the advent of commercially prepared meatballs and frozen chicken breasts, it’s not that difficult to make your own meatball recipe and cook up some very cheap and easy meals. Your family will love it!

If you really want to save money though, and enjoy the experience of preparing meatballs, then you might want to go for a restaurant-style hamburger buns. You can find them in many different flavors.

However, if you’re going to stick with the cheap and easy option, then you’re going to want to find some recipes that you like. There are literally hundreds of recipes on the internet. Try to pick one or two that you like.

Sometimes you don’t even have to make use of a kitchen sink. There are frozen chicken breasts that can be frozen, defrosted, and used to make chicken breasts. This is especially good if you have frozen spinach in the freezer.

Sometimes people think that these quick ways to get meal prep recipes are too unhealthy. The truth is, they don’t contain any preservatives, and they really are a lot cheaper than eating out all the time. Plus, you can usually find different variations of the same dish on your own, too.

You probably have never thought about it, but many people eat unhealthy fast food, and it’s probably because they want to keep up with the latest, coolest, and most popular flavors of junk food. It’s definitely not healthy, and it’s not always healthy either. So, look for an easy way to keto meal prep recipes.